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  • Dance

    CMI Dance opens doors to a world of music, movement and make-believe. Every little girl loves to dress up and feel like a princess, to wear a pretty dress and twirl in front of an audience. Conscious Movement forms the basis for the safe and effective training needed to make dance dreams come true.

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  • Karate

    The key to a solid foundation in martial arts, is understanding the dynamics of the body, which in turn, comes from the knowledge you gain through conscious movement. Having total control over your movements is essential for the timing, power and speed required to perform Kata and Iri kumi.

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  • Pilates

    Conscious Movement links mind, body and soul, for a training experience which is not only safe and sensible, but guaranteed to make changes to your body. You will gain the knowledge necessary to strengthen your body while keeping it mobile and pain free for many years to come.

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  • Golf Conditioning

    Golf Skill development is the only way to improve your golf. With conscious movement training and biofeedback from the golf industry’s most popular 3D motion capture system, your conditioning coach will help you to gain the knowledge and understanding necessary to increase your handicap and keep playing pain free golf, for longer.

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People frequently ask how I manage such diverse specialties. How can there possibly be a connection between golf conditioning and dancing for children, or pilates and  karate? My answer is easy, they all require conscious movement.  My specialty is not the pilates or the karate. My skills and passion lie in the study of movement, how to move with precision, how to increase speed and power. Connecting the brain with the body in order to perform a pure, uncompromised movement, requires 3D puzzle solving. Every person responds differently to verbal cues, but with patience, imagination and perseverance, anyone can reset their default movements and enjoy an active life without pain. Whether I’m working to increase x -factor stretch or to center a body for a double turn, improving pelvic disassociation or polishing a kata, the principles are the same. Focus on the body and you will get the desired result.

Cars all look different on the outside, but a good mechanic isn’t bothered about the colour of the car, or how old it is. He works on the mechanisms which make the car run smoothly. Would you take your car to someone who works in an office or perhaps a gardener? How can someone who knows nothing about cars be expected to have your car running at its best. The same applies to our bodies. It is sometimes alarming how little human beings know about the human body. I am frequently stunned by statements I hear… “I didn’t know I have ribs at the back!” or “I didn’t know I had muscle there, I thought it was just meat”. How can we possibly look after our body when we have no knowledge about it? Most people know more about how to care for their car than their own body. We don’t need to know how things work on a cellular level but it is important to know how the bones and muscles relate to each other and where they are supposed to be. What should we be eating and how often? We all know exercise is important but very few people know what is safe and effective. We believe that if we are really sore the next day, it must have been a good training session, but is it good to be so sore or are we unwittingly steering ourselves towards a break down or injury? There are different types of pain: normal muscles stiffness, usually two days after strenuous exercise, neural pain, inflammatory pain, “bone “pain. Is your discomfort caused by injury or is it a “stress” pain?

There are so many uncertainties in life. Surely it would be wise to take some of the guess work out of our busy lives by replacing it with knowledge. Get to know your body, its tricks and cheats, its strengths and weaknesses. None of us have time for operations and injuries, painful joints and dysfunctional limbs. Conscious Movement training teaches you how to manage your body and all your unique quirks. You will develop a deep strength without bulking the muscles, increase the elasticity of the muscles and correct your posture by learning to place the bones in the correct alignment. You will learn to move without effort or strain and you will learn to keep yourself pain free for longer. Whether you are a serious sportsman or not-at-all-a-sportsman, Conscious Movement training will change the way you do things and you will feel more comfortable in your skin.

Conscious Movement?  So much more….